Akorda vs. Ironclad

Learn more about the advantages and differences between Akorda and Ironclad, so you can make the best CLM decision for your company.

Our free trial gives you the power to decide

Our free trial gives you the power to decide

With Akorda you can have a free trial, as well as a flexible quote that adapts to your needs and use cases.

In addition, only Akorda provides digital playbooks which allow for your company to operationalize how you negotiate.
We decided to bring in Akorda for a couple of reasons: first, they looked at our processes and then fully integrated with the things we wanted to do, and didn't force us to completely start over and change. Second, they worked with us to understand what was important to us and then they designed their system around what we needed.
Jason Robman
Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Akorda vs Ironclad

Free trial
Customized pricing
Easy to use
Post-implementation support
Contract Templates
Digital Playbooks
AI Contract Editing
Fast collaboration and approval process
Notifications and reminders
Contract repository
Integrations with digital signature software
Salesforce integration
Contract Data
Advanced analytics dashboards
Data Driven Insights

Our integrations

We offer real data driven insights

We offer real data driven insights

Only Akorda has the capability of automatically analyzing all legacy contracts and extracting all the negotiated positions a company has taken by document type and clause.

Do you want your company to be data-driven? Take the step with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Akorda easy to implement?

Yes. We do the implementation for which you do not have to pay anything extra since it is included in the price. Likewise, our speed to value is faster as we get our system up and running in weeks, not months. In addition, our team is closely coupled with the product team so if the client needs anything the team can commit and deliver to the client directly.

How easy is it to edit contracts with Akorda?

We have a strong cloud based AI powered contract editing/negotiating function. It has a very easy to use interface.

How is the approval process with Akorda?

Akorda provides for in contract in clause approvals. This functionality makes it easy to request, obtain, and track approvals.

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